About Aged domains

It is common knowledge that aged domains offer a better investment over newly registered domains. Aged domains often have “internet authority” where they have been featured on search engines for many years and, as such, are quickly indexed when new content is added. Also, certain aged domains many have significant link authority, meaning that directories, other webpage’s or news resources have linked to the domain in the past and those links are still active.

All of our domains show the “year” the domain was registered which is easily verifiable in any whois lookup.

When considering aged Cuba domains its worth considering the intrinsic value of the forethought in acquiring the domains, the considerable investment, the years of ownership, the ongoing maintenance of the domain and many other value added factors which may add to a domains appeal and purported value.

Many domains, especially those which have been leased for a long period of time, invariably offer “good will” value, based upon the past and present clientele of the said website.

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