About Website-Included Sales

Domains offered with “website-included” will be clearly shown on the individual domain page. The website content is offered for free in these cases. If you have purchased this type of domain you will receive a .zip file with all the websites content after the sale is concluded and you have gained ownership of the domain. Depending on the programming language used, setting up these websites on your server can take anything from a few minutes (in the case of wordpress) to a few hours (in the case of .asp or .aspx). We will not be held liable for the successful installation of websites on the buyer’s server, nor the correct functioning of these. However, we want you to be happy, so we will gladly have one of our technical experts install the website for an extra fee.

• Stand alone website asp, aspx or any other language – $450

• Stand alone wordpress website – $250

For numerous websites purchased by the same buyer, we will offer heavy discounts on these costs if all the websites are being set-up at the same time.

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