Americans begin looking for Cuba Domain Names for sale

Cuba Domain names for sale

Cuba Domain Names for sale are rapidly becoming #1 searches on GoDaddy and Enom since December. The day after President Obama’s historic 17 December address to the nation, Domain name registrars worldwide experienced a massive upsurge in registrations of Cuba web domains containing the terms; Cuba, Varadero and Havana. Popular Cuba Domain Names including key search terms may still be around but, are becoming thin on the ground now. Furthermore, the introduction of new domain terminations further tests the solidity of the .com, .net, .info legacy domains.

Research done by semrush, the webs leading traffic analysis tool, continues to demonstrate that .com or .net still remain the webs favorite domains, not only for web surfers but, more importantly, search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Cuba Domain Names such as those relating to geographic destinations continue the same trend as similar domains from around the world. Yes, top selling domains are the Cuba Geo Domains which make up the largest percentage of searches on registrars as of March 2015. For example our Cuba Geo Ultimate Series contains geographic names which have been estimated by estibot to have values in excess of 10K per name, meaning that the market valuation of the collection is well over 200K more than the current asking price this month. These valuations are the lower end of the spectrum because most domain name investors consider estibot estimates as the lowest valuations, way under real valuations in most cases.

Whether the search for Cuba Domain Names for sale continues to spike, remains a mystery. One specialist close to the UK registrar considers that this initial avalanche in Cuba domain registrations is from novice investors looking to make a quick buck, whereas institutional investors and large U.S corporations already know which domains they will make offers on, but are biding their time until the intentions in the U.S congress are clearer. This is one hypothesis that could explain why the multimillion dollar Cuba Domain Name acquisitions have not yet begun.

One Cuba Domain insider uses the example of, sold some years ago. He said “the domain ( sold for 120K and a further 120K in public company stock, netting the owner over 240K”. This could be the litmus test of a Cuba domain with no historic traffic, nor web presence, yet it for a reason we are not aware of attained such a high valuation, way before Obama’s rapprochement to Cuba in December 2014.

We continue to monitor to the market for Cuba Domain Names tendencies so watch this space!

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