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Americans begin looking for Cuba Domain Names for sale

Cuba Domain names for sale

Cuba Domain Names for sale are rapidly becoming #1 searches on GoDaddy and Enom since December. The day after President Obama’s historic 17 December address to the nation, Domain name registrars worldwide experienced a massive upsurge in registrations of Cuba web domains containing the terms; Cuba, Varadero and Havana. Popular Cuba Domain Names including key search terms may still be around but, are becoming thin on the ground now. Furthermore, the introduction of new domain terminations further tests the solidity of the .com, .net, .info legacy domains.

Research done by semrush, the webs leading traffic analysis tool, continues to demonstrate that .com or .net still remain the webs favorite domains, not only for web surfers but, more importantly, search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Cuba Domain Names such as those relating to geographic destinations continue the same trend as similar domains from around the world. Yes, top selling domains are the Cuba Geo Domains which make up the largest percentage of searches on registrars as of March 2015. For example our Cuba Geo Ultimate Series contains geographic names which have been estimated by estibot to have values in excess of 10K per name, meaning that the market valuation of the collection is well over 200K more than the current asking price this month. These valuations are the lower end of the spectrum because most domain name investors consider estibot estimates as the lowest valuations, way under real valuations in most cases.

Whether the search for Cuba Domain Names for sale continues to spike, remains a mystery. One specialist close to the UK registrar considers that this initial avalanche in Cuba domain registrations is from novice investors looking to make a quick buck, whereas institutional investors and large U.S corporations already know which domains they will make offers on, but are biding their time until the intentions in the U.S congress are clearer. This is one hypothesis that could explain why the multimillion dollar Cuba Domain Name acquisitions have not yet begun.

One Cuba Domain insider uses the example of, sold some years ago. He said “the domain ( sold for 120K and a further 120K in public company stock, netting the owner over 240K”. This could be the litmus test of a Cuba domain with no historic traffic, nor web presence, yet it for a reason we are not aware of attained such a high valuation, way before Obama’s rapprochement to Cuba in December 2014.

We continue to monitor to the market for Cuba Domain Names tendencies so watch this space!

Cuba GeoDomains | Collection for Sale | Dot Com

Cuba Geodomains

A collection of Cuba GeoDomains of this size, one which offers entire domain description integrity, is impossible to find. It could take years (if it’s ever achievable) to create such a concise domain portfolio of cities and towns in Cuba. This ultimate Cuba GeoDomains dot com collection features both current and future major tourist destinations, along with the caveat of each domain name being major capitals of each province or the whole province. All in one amazing “Ultimate” domain bundle.

These 52 Cuba GeoDomains took almost two decades to collate and, ALL feature the desirable top-level domain .com (TLd) extensions – These domains are an ironclad investment. The owner of these domains, once developed and interlinked, will undoubtedly control a major portion of internet traffic relating to Cuba. With these Cuba GeoDomains, you’ll offer visitors not only a virtual tour of Cuba but, also provide affiliate; Cuba Hotel Sales, Cuba Car Rental, Flights to Cuba and Cuban merchandize. Yes, the owner of these domains will be internet royalty where Cuba is concerned.

Once you’ve acquired this unique ultimate domain collection, if you think you need some specific island domains to complete your portfolio, you can add individual keys/cayos domains from our direct sale section to the right.

Cuba Baracoa
Cuba Bayamo
Cuba Camaguey
Cuba Cayo Coco
Cuba Cayo Guillermo
Cuba Cayo Largo
Cuba Cayo Levisa
Cuba Cayo Sabinal
Cuba Cayo Saetia
Cuba Cayo Santa Maria
Cuba Ciego de Avila
Cuba Cienaga de Zapata*
Cuba Cienfuegos
Cuba Eastern Beaches
Cuba Elguea
Cuba Escambray
Cuba Giron
Cuba Granma
Cuba Guama
Cuba Guantanamo*
Cuba Guardalavaca

Cuba Havana*
Cuba Havana City*
Cuba Holguin
Cuba Isla de la Juventud
Cuba Jardines del Rey
Cuba Las Terrazas*
Cuba Las Tunas
Cuba Maria la Gorda*
Cuba Matanzas
Cuba Old Havana
Cuba Perla del Sur
Cuba Pinar del Rio
Cuba Playa Giron*
Cuba Playa Larga*
Cuba Playa Pesquero*
Cuba Sancti Spiritus
Cuba Santa Clara
Cuba Santa Lucia
Cuba Santiago de Cuba
Cuba Soroa
Cuba Topes de Collantes
Cuba Trinidad
Cuba Varadero Beach
Cuba Villa Clara

* Free domain included in sale

The following domains are provided FREE to the purchaser of this Ultimate Cuba GeoDomain collection and are simply alternatives to the above.

Cuba Cienaga de Zapata
Cuba Guantanamo
Cuba Las Terrazas
Cuba Maria la Gorda
Cuba Playa Giron
Cuba Playa Larga
Cuba Playa Pesquero
Cuba La Habana

Website Included: Yes – All these domains are offered with the current WP sites, designs and templates for FREE.

Please Note: We will not split this bundle of Cuba GeoDomains at any price, therefore we kindly request you to consider this as a collection of domains which will be sold as a group ONLY.

Cuba GeoDomains

Cuba Travel Network | Cuba Premier Travel Agency domain is for sale!

Cuba Travel Network

Cuba Travel Network Car Rental, Cuba Travel Network Hotels, Cuba Travel Network Facebook and Cuba Travel Network Tours.

Want to sell Cuba Travel?

Cuba Travel Network is currently for sale due to change of activity by the owner. Buy the best Cuba Travel domain, aged in the Cuba Travel sector CubaTravelNetwork.

Cuba is the hottest destination on the planet with over 1 million Canadians and 500K Europeans already visiting the island each year. Recent changes in US restrictions to the island have already increased American Travelers to Cuba to over 150K in 2012. If US travel restrictions to Cuba are lifted soon, millions of Americans will be looking to visit Cuba just like Canadians do now. Cuba Travel Network has been at the forefront of Cuba Travel for many years.

Owning the Cuba Travel Network premium domain could mean the difference between immediate success of your business and years of building a business.

Cuba Travel Network 2014 ***Update***

During 2014 the interest in these domains has been incredible with over 200 individual requests, so we want to answer some of the common questions for future interested parties.

Cuba Travel Network brand awareness

Cuba Travel Network was first used in commerce in 1994 and the combination of words registered as a service mark. This registration was later abandoned in 1995. A second registration of the combination of words was made in 2009 but was also abandoned in 2010. Therefore, the historical use of the term and phrase “Cuba Travel Network” can be traced back to 1994, that’s 20 years ago! A great bonus for the new domain holder.

Does the domain include the related social networks?

Yes, Cuba Travel Network Facebook, Cuba Travel Network Twitter, Cuba Travel Network YouTube and other Cuba Travel Network social pages are included for FREE with the sale of the Cuba Travel Network domain names. If the domains are bought separately only the buyer of the .net domain will receive the social network pages for free. So, buy them both to get the ultimate social coverage!

Why buy Cuba Travel Network?

Let others do all the work! With numerous affiliate programs for Cuba Hotel Reservations, setting up your own affiliate account to sell Cuban Hotels is as easy as spending 20 minutes filling out the forms and adding your bank account to receive commission payments. While the current Cuba Travel Network affiliate account is non transferable to the buyer of this premium domain, signing up for your own will take just minutes. Choose from affiliate programs from skoosh, fastbooking, hotelscombined and many more.

Just like Cuba Travel Network, you can also sign up for affiliate programs to sell flights, earning commission on every ticket sold while the buyer deals with the seller directly. While the current Cuba Travel Network flights affiliate account is non transferable, Adding html code to your new website to add a Cuba Travel Network Flights affiliate booking is as simple as filling out forms. Choose from many such as; jetcost, aerticket, flightnetwork and many more.

Cuba Travel Network Car Rental in Cuba, Yes! Once again, you can sign up with affiliate program to sell car rental in Cuba. Make commission on each car rented and let the supplier deal with the hard work! Up to 70% commission is payable for car rentals!


Set up your own business! by visiting Cuba and signing up with major suppliers and using off-the-shelf travel agency software, many of which is open source these days and, sell directly to visitors to Cuba.

The choice is yours, sign up in minutes for affiliate programs and sit back, receiving commissions or running your own Cuba Travel Business, Cuba Travel Network is ideal for either.

Check out the current search statistics for Cuba Travel


Cuba Travel Network are sold as domain names only, no programming or website is provided in the sale. None of the current affiliate programs are transferable to the buyer for contractual reasons but, signing up for your own takes minutes!

Buy Cuba Domains

Cuba Travel Network is for sale, buy it now! | Premium Domain for Sale | Usa 2 Cuba

Travel from the US to Cuba? Very soon all Americans will be allowed to travel to the forbidden island and not just those going now on People-to-People Cuba tours! Trump the competition and buy an established domain name in the Cuba Travel business. offers so many possibilities, the options are endless. Whether this Cuba Domain name be for a travel agency, advice to visitors, a personal Cuba Blog, Cuba Flights, Cuba Car Rental or Cuba Hotel Reservations has been at the forefront of Usa 2 Cuba Services since 2009


Search Description: Usa 2 Cuba

Domain Age: 2009

Website Included: No is currently leased to the world’s largest and most prestigious purveyor of Usa 2 Cuba and offers discounted Usa 2 Cuba Offers on a worldwide scale since 2000. Yes, Cuba’s #1 travel brand has been and, is currently, selling Usa 2 Cuba using this premium domain name for numerous years, guaranteeing immediate notoriety for the new domain owner and robust customer loyalty in the Usa 2 Cuba sector. More about Cuba’s burgeoning tourism sector can be read HERE

Disclaimer: This sale is for the domain name ONLY, no website, booking software, affiliate agreements or ongoing sales software are included in the domain sale. The domain will cease to sell Usa 2 Cuba services the day it is transferred, unless the new domain holder secures the necessary; website, sales agreements, software and/or affiliate agreements to permit these ongoing sales. The seller is offering ONLY THE DOMAIN NAME and the domain buyer is acquiring ONLY THE DOMAIN NAME.

Buy Cuba Domains | Premium Domain for Sale | Cuban Empire –  Was Cuba an empire? Do you want to make your own Cuban Empire? King of Cuba? Queen of Cuba? Cuban Royalty? This amusing but catchy domain name is all about constructing empires and being your own Cuban Empire builder. Available now in our premium marketplace at which only features rare, desirable and brandable names like

If you are searching for a generic high impact Cuba Domain name with significant web presence offered by an aged Cuba Domain such as this, then what better term than “Cuban Empire”?

Boasting significant organic search strength features not only a broad Cuba interest base but also adapts perfectly to those wishing to create a Cuba Business Empire, Cuba Shopping Mall, Cuba Hotel Name, Online Cuba facts & encyclopedia or a blend funny information about the Cuban Empire.


Search Description: Cuban Empire

Domain Age: 2000

Website Included: No

Disclaimer: This sale is for the domain name ONLY. The seller is offering ONLY THE DOMAIN NAME and the domain buyer is acquiring ONLY THE DOMAIN NAME .

Buy Cuba Domains