Money back guarantee

We know the value of our domains, therefore, we irrevocably agree to buyback any individual domain purchased within a period of 30 days from the finalized purchase date (the date domain is transferred to your ownership on whois records). This buyback agreement excludes the outbound transaction fees such as: GoDaddy commissions, fees, and bank or card transaction fees. We will transparently show you a schedule of all the fees so that you are aware how much will be deducted from the buyback amount. If these fees are once again payable (because you chose to use these services again for the inbound transfer back to us), you´ll be responsible for these costs and, they will also be deducted from the buyback amount. Please note that the aforementioned fees were not paid to us and, as such, we logically cannot assume them if you’ve change your mind.

Due to the complexity of these sales – We will not buyback “Ultimate Cuba collections” or multiple order domains where discounts have been provided.

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