The Buying Process

Buying from guarantees your security, as we consider your piece-of-mind a paramount prerequisite when dealing with us.

Buying individual names

The entire collection of individual Cuba Domains we offer can be purchased under the buy-it-now program offered by GoDaddy, Inc. Godaddy recently acquired AFTERNIC, the world leader in aftermarket domain transactions.

GoDaddy ensures ironclad protection for the buyer because the seller is paid only when the domain has been transferred to GoDaddy and the buyer (you). We operate strictly within the GoDaddy time-frames to ensure rapid fulfillment of your purchase as specified in their terms.

Buying the “Ultimate Cuba Collections”

These purchases of bulk domains will be handled via For those of you who are familiar with the services offered by this groundbreaking company, you´ll be aware that the entire purchase process is both simple and secure. Our published rates are fixed prices; consequently the buyer will be responsible for the minimal fees. However, these are extremely competitive, considering the security offered to you, the buyer.

Buying more than one domain & discounts

We may offer discounts when more than one domain is being acquired. In these instances we will offer you the option of:

1. Paying the amount shown and receiving a refund of the discount offered.

2. We will lower the cost of the domains you wish to purchase at a set time so that you can implement the GoDaddy buy-it-now at the allotted time.

NOTE: If all the domains you requested a discount upon are not purchased within a specific time frame, we reserve the right to cancel any transaction made at the reduced rate to protect the integrity of our pricing schedule. Essentially, if you request a discount on several domains but do not purchase all the domains, the agreement will be nullified.

Acquiring all remaining domains in our portfolio

For brokers and serious investors, should you wish to buy all the domains in our portfolio a 30% discount will be offered across-the-board on all prices and, will be engaged (again at your cost) to carry out the transaction.

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