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Cuba Ultimate Geodomains Collections

Over the past 20 years our team has painstakingly acquired the Cuba GeoDomains featuring in these two collections. Dating back to the 1990´s, these domain portfolios started to take shape and have been either;

  • Originally hand registered
  • Bought from the owners
  • Acquired at auction during drops

We’ve been relentless in our objective of completing each “Cuba Ultimate collection” and, as you’ll see, the task is now concluded and these whole portfolios are for sale as a collection. We will NOT split these domains for separate sale under any circumstances.

If you need help in understanding the value of owning the domain name for every major geographic location in Cuba then maybe these collections are not yet within your understanding of the internet and you need to read THIS .

However, for those of you who understand the inherent strength of interlinking these websites and creating a “one stop” Cuba knowledge base linked to Cuba travel, Cuba Hotels, Cuba Car Rental, Cuba business and product or service revenue streams, then you´ve probably just stumbled upon the two most unique collections of Cuba GeoDomains ever owned or, likely to be owned, by one company.

Frankly, the immense time it has taken (including a liberal application of patience) to collect these domains 1-by-1 has been overwhelming but, we´re sure you´ll agree, these two collections are literally unique.

.Net Ultimate GeoDomains Collection


Cuba Geodomains

.Com Ultimate GeoDomains Collection


Cuba Geodomains

These collections will be sold via for both yours and our piece of mind.

A 5% non-refundable deposit is required in order to initiate escrow proceedings with This amount will be deducted from the final amount payable under escrow. The fees are payable by the purchaser.

We do not wish to receive lower offers for these collections at this time, thank you.

Please contact us directly concerning these Ultimate Collections.

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